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The Breakthrough in Fitness Training

Extreme Fitness is the leading Kettlebell Training program in the South Bay. We are located in the heart of Chula Vista, and train Kettlebell enthusiasts all over San Diego. We offer high-intensity Group Classes and the San Diego’s Original Outdoor Kettlebell BootCamp classes.

Kettlebells deliver unparalleled fitness training so if you're looking to burn fat, build up high levels of cardio fitness and phenomenal gains in strength and power then you need to start training with them now!

Our Kettlebells are designed for intense all round training which makes them ideal for both men and women who are serious about getting into peak physical condition. They are great for burning fat effectively, getting strong and getting fit. The best bit is the workouts are short, intense and great fun!


Get Fit, Strong and Ripped with kettlebell training.

This all round fitness tool will take your fitness to new levels. Remove that unwanted fat, get leaner and stronger. Kettlebells will turn you into the modern day warrior!


Lose weight, tone up & increase vitality in only 15 minutes.

Kettlebells train your body like no other fitness tool. Their unique design trains every muscle in perfect harmony - excess fat melts away as you’re left with a sexier and leaner body in only 15 minutes. Take the kettlebell challenge today….Results guaranteed!

Kettlebells: The ultimate hand held fitness tool
for strength, weight loss and well being.

At theXFitness we offer the following services, kettebells classes and training, personal training, boot camps, TRX training and fitness training for men and women of all ages. We have clients throughout San Diego including Chula Vista, Bonita, National City, Otay Mesa, Otay Ranch, Eastlake, Spring Valley, Mission Valley, Imperial Beach, La Mesa and many more.

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Group Classes Outdoor Bootcamps Personal Training






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