Thank you for visiting Extreme Fitness the first Kettlebell/TRX Fusion studio in San Diego!

Mission: to help you achieve your best self through a unique training regimen.
  • You will gain Strength, Burn Fat, and Lean and Tone Muscle.
  • Kettlebells are proven to burn 20 Calories per Minute! American Council of Exercise.
  • Every exercise at Extreme Fitness works the body as a unit to achieve a strong and tight core.

Professionalism: Every instructor carries a Russian Kettlebell Certification and a Personal Trainer Certification.


Our Tools for your Bodys Success:

    What is a Kettlebell?

     The kettlebell is a bell shaped weight that ranges from 7 106lbs. The kettlebell was designed to give a full body strength and cardio workout. Kettlebells have been proven to strengthen and rehabilitate lower back pain and injuries.

    What is a BOSU Ball?

     A BOSU ball is a half stability ball designed to give you the best core training possible. Its system gives users a better sense of body awareness, functional movement, and core strength.

    Why Extreme Fitness?

     We will deliver the best Full Body, Core Driven workout in a 45-minute class. Every class is designed and instructed by a high quality trainer. Our number one goal is to motivate and deliver rapid results to our members by combining our specialized tools, and having the most up to date training knowledge there is to offer. Our program is defined by its science, facts, and practice of perfection.


Get started with your Kettlebell Beginner Class today!
$25 for 3 Group Classes!