Miguel Contreras-

Personal Training (PT) with Alex has given me phenomenal results in a relatively short time. I have been working with Alex for a little over two months. I am in my mid 30’s and had finally begun to see the effects of a slower metabolism and recovery. I got into triathlon last year with the hopes of regaining the strength, power and build of my energetic 20’s.  However, no matter how hard I trained on the bike, in the pool or on the running trail; I wasn’t getting stronger and definitely was not getting more muscular. I was a “Gym Rat” in my 20’s, but after a few shoulder and knee injuries- I was not looking forward to pounding out weight in the gym. Then Alex introduced me to kettle bells. All I can say is, WOW! After a short kettlebell workout, I feel as if I did an hour of yoga, ran 6 miles and lifted weights all at once. The kettlebells have revolutionized my fitness paradigm and through the disciplined and structured PT with Alex I have seen my body begin to morph. Chula Vista, CA - M. Contreras

Training with Extreme Fitness has given me the best results and a different approach to exercising. Working with Alex took me out of my lethargic ways and showed me the path to an energetic healthier lifestyle. I started at 225lbs and currently at 158lbs. I couldn't ask for a better outcome. Thanks Extreme Fitness!
Bhavna Mistry-

“Alex has been my personal trainer for almost two years now. Since I started training with Alex we have noticed a vast improvement in my overall stamina and body strength. These results have been achieved based on a combination of rigorous training curriculum and a customized diet plan. Alex also helped me recover from a serious knee injury, which required knowledge and extensive therapy. He is professional, dedicated and committed to ensuring his clients attain their goals.”