21 Reasons You Need to Stop Stressing About Weight Loss

The modern world is pushing us to the edge. There is always plenty of advertising at every corner inviting us to marvelous beaches and resorts and showing us slim and happy people wearing bikinis and making us feel bad. Today, being slim and fit is a big deal and makes a lot of people hate their bodies, stress out before wearing tight clothing and do everything to lose weight and become fit and pretty.

With all these “modern values” we forget about our health and how the process of becoming slim can affect us and our well-being. On the other hand, a healthy lifestyle is also promoted, and people are encouraged to eat healthy food, even if they don’t like it. Healthy life, diets, constant exercising, body-positivity, or obsession with the idea to look good can take us over, and we forget that sometimes it can do more harm than good. Is making other people like you really worth it? Probably not.

So, if you’re trying to lose weight but the process bothers you and makes you feel tired and depressed, you need to rethink your goals right away and change some habits and attitude. Always remember that you’re doing it for you, not for anybody else. So relax, sit back and think about it, and we’re gonna help you. Take a look at the reasons below why you shouldn’t stress about weight loss and how to do it right.[/vc_column_text]

1. Find the Balance

Finding a perfect balance and feeling good is way more important than anything else and needs our attention. However, we tend to forget about it, and in our struggle to lose weight we can get stressed out, especially if we gain some of it back in about a week. And, surely, stress doesn’t contribute any positive effort in your life and can result in gaining more weight or even unwanted health issues.

2. Don’t Trust Your Scales

Probably every person who has tried to lose weight in one way or another would go and check it on a scale as soon as possible. You may keep a particular diet and exercise on a regular basis, but the number on a scale wouldn’t go down. Well, don’t get discouraged by that. Of course, as soon as you set a goal, you want to reach it as fast as you possibly can, but don’t trust everything you see when you check your weight. Besides, don’t check it every day, better do it once a week or so. Then, you will be able to see the difference.

3. Why Did Those Pounds Come Back?

If you saw a couple of pounds go down a few days ago and now they’re back, it doesn’t mean you gained them back. Perhaps it just hasn’t been long enough since your last meal? It also will depend on your work out plan, perhaps you’re growing muscle, and that’s why the number didn’t reduce. There’s certainly no reason to be stressed out in this case. It only means that your body has the right balance and weight you have at this point is what your organism needs.

4. Eating Healthy?

There are a lot of diets you can start, so many of them. Some of them are harder, some are easier, but most of the times none of them are too enjoyable. Some people think that the harder the diet they start is, the faster they can lose weight. Nope. In this case, you’re just forcing yourself to eat something you dislike or maybe even hate, and that’s not particularly helpful. At a psychological level, your brain and your body can just refuse to cooperate. So, you’ll be losing those pounds and keep getting them back. It can be depressing but keep in mind you have to change your attitude.

5. Not Every Diet Works

Like the previous point states, by forcing yourself on a diet, you’re stressing and abusing your body. If your diet tells you to eat salads because they are healthy, but you hate them, it’s not going to work, and you will only stress out about it. Maybe, at the same time you’re trying to cut out on some food you like because it contains too many calories or whatever, so you refuse it completely. It’s not going to work either.

6. Eat What You Like

You do need to eat food you like so just find the alternative that works for you. In the long run, it will help you efficiently maintain your weight and not put your body under too much stress. It has to be something you like and, at the same time, healthy and nutritious.

7. It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Sometimes when people set a goal to lose a certain number of pounds their expectations are not too realistic. They start a diet and working out and expect to see 20 lbs down in a month. That doesn’t happen, and it’s not going to happen, so they get upset and maybe even quit.
It’s essential to understand that losing weight and getting in shape is a long process. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. When you start it, you have to be patient and just stick to the routine you chose to reach your goal. Eventually, you’ll get there.

7. Create a Diet That Benefits You

If you want to lose weight, you have to teach yourself to stick to a certain schedule and plan. As mostly all the diets have the same basis, you can try and pick the ration yourself. Throw in more vegetables and fruits, and perhaps cut on some sodas. Look up some recipes on how to cook your meat so it’s not as greasy but still delicious.

8. Exercise On a Regular Basis

If you have time and the desire, make some simple cardio and stretching exercises in the morning or after work. Discipline yourself to make these things a habit and put it into action. After a while, you will see the result. You will lose weight, keep fit, and feel better – this will be your reward.

9. Weight Loss vs Fat Loss

When starting a diet or a workout plan, it’s important to understand what you’re doing it for. Depending on a range of exercises you do and the nutrition you consume, the result can be different. Sometimes, when you think you need to lose weight, you’re, in fact, thinking of burning fat.

10. Pick the Right Exercises for Your Goal

So, you need to pick the right workout and proper diet. When focusing on burning fat, the ideal way to do it is by combining weight training and cardio exercises. Strength training will help you lose fat and gain muscle at the same time, while only cardio exercises may lead to the loss of muscle. So, pick the right exercises if you want to lose weight and keep fit.

11. Don’t Listen to Anybody

Sometimes people get too obsessed with losing weight. Especially, it can easily happen if there’s somebody constantly pointing that out. Maybe, you do have a couple extra pounds, but there’s always a person who says you’re “fat”. And so it begins. You start dieting and exercising hard but don’t get the result you expect. In fact, you feel worse than with those extra pounds. In this case, you have to switch your focus.

12. Focus On Your Well-Being

Don’t concentrate on those pounds and whatever people tell you but rather make yourself feel better. Stop that exhausting diet and just add some vegetables and fruits into your ration, cut off on alcohol, and exercise on a regular basis. Don’t just work your butt off in the gym. Pick a set of simple exercises that will make your body feel better. Do what you enjoy.

13. Don’t Try Too Hard

No matter what number you start with, when you start losing weight, you have to remember to keep it moderate. Many women who are a little overweight very often get too excited with the results and can’t stop on time.
After you reach your goal, you don’t have to try as hard as when you started. You need to maintain your body just to keep it in the shape that you achieved. It’s important to notice when your weight goes lower than it should be. Otherwise, you can develop various diseases, including anorexia which is so hard to treat.

14. Take Care of Your Health

At any point in your losing-weight process you can face certain difficulties. Maybe you spend every day in a gym but don’t receive any positive results, so you start pushing yourself further and further. It isn’t going to end well. Any forced weight loss can lead to serious health issues. So, don’t stress out and push it to the edge. Better take a break and see what you are doing wrong, maybe consult with a professional. It’s a serious business and needs to be treated right.

15. Will power Is Important

Control, or like many people say, willpower is one of the key factors if you’re losing weight. It’s true that once you get on track, you should try and stick to it to achieve a result. It can be hard at the beginning and can get you depressed or anxious, but this is just a starting stage you should get through. Don’t bury yourself too deep in the process, let it flow naturally, but don’t lose control.

16. Or Is Will Power Overrated?

While it’s essential to discipline yourself and stay away from certain things and products, sometimes it can get overwhelming and put you under more stress. Don’t let it depress you too much though.
We are people, not robots, and everyone can have a weakness. So, if you couldn’t resist and ate something you were not supposed to or skipped a couple of workouts, don’t be too hard on yourself. Just get back to your schedule and keep going. Otherwise, you’d just be depressed and feel like a loser.

Don’t let that happen.

17. Accept Your Shape

If you’re motivated by the looks of models in the magazines or fashion shows, and those are the forms that you want to gain after you lose weight, it can stress you out more than anything else. And you can’t afford that to happen. People’s bodies are all different, and not everyone can have a flat and slim body. And it’s not the pinnacle of beauty. If you have sexy curves or bigger shapes, they can be as beautiful as you make them.
Losing weight doesn’t have to make you skinny, it just has to emphasize your natural shapes. So, learn to accept your shape with every outstanding feature.

18. Be Sure This Is What You Want

Losing weight can be a challenge so, unless you want it, it can make you unhappy. You have to listen to your body and ensure this is what you want and need. Don’t let anyone else’s opinion get in the way. If you truly want it, it will be an easy and pleasant experience. Don’t force yourself to do it there will be no good of putting yourself through it if you don’t want it.

19. Don’t Obsess Over Details

There is always something you want to change. Even when you’ve reached your goal, there still can be something left you’re not completely satisfied with. Maybe there are five extra pounds you want to get rid of. But you have to start accepting yourself as you are and be happy with your body. So, don’t concentrate on every little detail, just start leading a healthy lifestyle, and your body will keep up with you.

20. There’s More to Worry About But Your Weight

Remember that there are a lot of things in life to worry about and your weight shouldn’t be the main one. If you want to change it, go ahead, but don’t center your life around it. Just start with baby steps and keep it going, and you’ll see how your life will change. But don’t forget to appreciate other things in life.

21. Ultimately, focus on your overall health

If you focus on your overall health, weight loss will always ultimately become an indirect benefit to your initiatives. You should be truthful to yourself and look in the mirror not for the purpose of observing any losses or muscle mass, but rather to ask yourself some simple questions such as: Are you doing what it takes to be healthy? Are you taking the initiatives to fit exercise into your daily routine? Are you eating the right foods and adopting a lifestyle that involves optimal nutrition? If you focus on adopting a healthy lifestyle that involves nutrition and exercise you will ultimately loose weight and keep it off forever!


Keeping fit and maintaining your weight is important both for your physical and mental health. However, you have to remember that getting on it with too much precision may become harmful rather than useful.

So if you decided to lose weight, don’t let the process overwhelm you and stress you out. Live a healthy lifestyle with a moderate amount of food, exercises, proper diet, and positive thoughts. Don’t just bury yourself in a gym but pick the activities that will make you feel good and relaxed and that will bring you positive results. And remember not to rush, achieving your desired weight goal is a long process and requires patience. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Do what your body tells you to do and don’t listen to other’s opinions. This is your body, your life, and your health; therefore it’s your choice. Make sure to do what you enjoy and what makes you feel healthier and happier.