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Welcome to where our main goal is to help our audience with their overall fitness goals and well being through informative content and inspirational gears. We aim to educate so that you are better informed of the realities of what it takes to get fit, transform your body, and live a healthier life. We want to equip and inspire you with the knowledge necessary for you to conquer this unique aspect of body transformation.

We understand that many people embark on this journey not knowing much about fitness and may get overwhelmed and discouraged. The X in our name can be synonymous to the ambiguity that can come from the fitness industry and our hope is to provide as much knowledge and transparency in the hopes that we can improve the lives of individuals around the world. We strive to fill the gap of ambiguity so that it becomes an obstacle of the past and your dreams of a healthier you begins with clear present and phenomenal tomorrow!

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The foundation for any successful fitness program begins with the right mindset. How determined are you? Without the right mindset and willpower, you risk compromising your goals.


There is nothing worse than offsetting your routine workouts with poor nutrition. Having the discipline to adopt healthy eating habits is paramount to any fitness goal.


With the right mindset and nutrition, your exercise efforts and goals will become more achievable. Results become more transparent through dedication and persistence.

what we do


Our research division employs a global network of collaborators to offer cutting edge and engaging content.

Product reviews undergo a rigorous selection and qualification process that is approved by a designated product review board.

Knowledge based research are performed collectively by a group with background in engineering, science, and certified fitness professionals.

Content are reviewed by like minded athletes in our network with extensive experience in the fitness industry.


I learned a lot from school, but my collaboration with the team provided me with perspectives beyond what I could have practically imagined.

Marylou Andrade