The Biggest Problems With Exercise and How You Can Fix Them

When people are asked about their exercise routine and habits, it looks like there are a number of challenges that they all face in common.

When asked about what the challenges are in particular, most of the people give similar responses. While there could be literally hundreds of reasons why you have been unable to exercise, we will begin this article by highlighting the most common of these.

Once we have suggested a solution for the common challenges that are faced, we will move ahead to discussing the common mistakes that people do while working out. While these mistakes may sound like nothing to you, in reality, they can set a person back by several pounds and can hinder their fitness growth.

The common exercise challenges that people face include the following:

A lack of time

When one has a pretty busy life, it looks like he barely has any time for the important activities in his life. In a scenario like this, exercise and a workout routine looks like something that is unnecessary or could be left for another time.

To most of the people who are just starting out, working out seems to be too much of a hassle. Not only do they have to take regular showers, but packing fitness clothes, managing meals, and coordinating time is not easy for everyone.

However, this problem can simply be tackled by starting out small. You do not necessary have to adopt a full-fledged workout routine right from the very first day. It will only set you back. Instead, you can simply start by moving a little more throughout the day. For instance, consider taking the stairs rather than the elevators. Similarly, consider riding a bicycle to your workplace rather than taking a car ride. Once you are comfortable with it, start with a simple 15 minutes jogging routine early in the morning. This won’t really take a lot of planning or coordination.
Once you have developed a good routine, you may simply enhance your workout by increasing the time, and by incorporating different exercises.

A lack of family support

Managing a family is big responsibility on a person. Often at times, the family responsibilities totally drain a person out. Workout out becomes even more difficult when there is no support from the family, and no one seems to understand why you’re so inclined towards fitness.

One possible solution to this challenge could be to seek help and support elsewhere. Since we do not live in an ideal world, it is likely that your family may not provide you emotional support or the motivation that you desire. In such a case, simply reach out to local fitness clubs where you will be able to find a community of fellow fitness seekers. That will be the best source of motivation for you.

Harsh weather conditions

Some parts of the world seemingly have weather conditions that can be too harsh. Consider the Middle East region, for instance. On a typical summer day, the temperature may cross well above 45 degrees. In such a weather condition, working out may seem like an extra burden that no one is willing to take. Moreover, it could even be lethal.

The best solution to tackle such a problem is to join a gym that is climate-controlled. Moreover, working out in a gym rather than out in the open will be safer in such a scenario. In case an emergency occurs, there will be people around your 24/7 to provide immediate help. However, not all gyms are cheap or affordable. The higher end gym facilities may set you back a couple thousand bucks every month. In this case, you can use DVD fitness programs and buy some middle-end workout equipment for your home, and workout indoors.

Physical limitation

Not all of us are in good enough shape to begin working out immediately and to see the results that we desire in no time. This is especially true for those among us who are overweight, underweight, or those who do not get involved in any sort of physical activity for longer periods of time. After all, many of us have jobs that require sitting on a desk for lengthy periods of time.
The challenge of physical limitations may also be very real for those who are handicapped or have an injury.
The best solution for this challenge would be to acknowledge and to accept whatever limitations that you have, and to work around these limitations in order to get the result that your desire.
Firstly, it would be important to reach out to a doctor or physical therapist to see what form of exercise he/she recommends to you. Once you have a planned routine, begin implementing it slowly and gradually. It might take time to ease into your new habit, but once you do, you may simply find a great amount of pleasure in it.
Secondly, in case you have an injury, make sure to not to do exercises that can make your injuries worse. In this case, you will need some moderate form of exercise with plenty of nutrients and rest.

The awkward feeling

When many of us begin working out at first, we are not in the most desirable shape. While some of us are underweight and are trying to gain some muscle mass, others are overweight and are trying hard to shred the extra pounds of fat off.
Moreover, when you are new to working out, you may not know how to make proper use of the gym equipment and the machines. Also, it is common to feel a little bit intimidated by the other people in the gym who seem to be in top shape.

However, the solution to this problem is rather simple. Either go to gym with a friend who knows how to use all equipment, or take tutorials from the internet. You may as well hire a personal trainer for a while who may help you in getting yourself familiarized with the gym equipment. This will help you in getting rid of the awkwardness, allowing you to be more confident in the workout space.
Some common workout problems

Now that we have discussed the major challenges that people face when it comes to exercise, let us move on to the problems that they might face during an actual workout routine.

It is quite common to see that people who seem to be working very hard in the gym, have little to no effect in their level of fitness. This applies, regardless of their good intentions and great amount of dedications. At the same time, their friends seem to be losing fat or gaining muscle mass much quicker. In such a scenario, it is easy for a person to get demotivated. However, in case a workout routine is not bringing the best results, it is likely that something is not right!

So what are the factors that. Can make one’s workout routine inefficient? Well, there are a number of factors that can be involved in this. However, most of the problems may be traced back to one of the problems during workout that we are going to discuss next.

Intense workout on a daily basis

While working out on a daily basis is not exactly bad, it is important to include different types of physical activities in the routine along with at least a day or two of complete rest. This will allow your muscles to recover from the intense use throughout the week.

In case you are aiming to losing weight, it is totally fine to work out every day. However, even in this case, try to limit your workout at least two days a week. Ono top of that, try not to overexert and know what your limitations are. Moreover, having a repetitive workout routine in case you want to lose weight can be inefficient. This is because the body adjusts itself according to your daily workload.

The solution would be to form a workout routine that includes a number of activities of varying intensity levels, with sessions that are different in their length. For instance, in case you walk for 50 minutes normally, do not walk on a daily basis. Rather, limit it to two or three days in a week. On the remaining days, include cycling, jogging, or running in your workout plan.

You may as well include a mix of different exercises for short periods of time that may include jogging, running, cycling, swimming, and yoga. Such a workout routine has been proven to be extremely healthy and effective for shredding weight off.

Overcompensating by eating greater than normal.

In case you are planning to shred some weight off, you will have to avoid overcompensating by eating more. This is because it is is likely that you will feel hungrier than usual after intense cardio sessions. However, make sure to not to eat lots of calories or else, you will simply not be able to shred the weight off. Rather, try to include vegetables and salads in your diet.

Those who are planning to lose some weight need to reach a calorie deficit at the day’s end. In case you consume high calorie foods after a workout session, you will simply end up gaining weight or maintaining the current weight rather than losing it.

In order to fix this problem, consider the daily expenditure that you have to do. This can be calculated by getting a metabolic test by a registered dietitian, or a trainer. Moreover, consider getting a nutrition plan made by a professional and to follow it strictly in case you want to reach a calorie deficit.

Avoid the Lopsided Training

Avoid training only lopsided. An effective fitness routine will include enough of cardiovascular training along with flexibility exercises, and strength training. This will be a balanced workout routine which will ensure that your body is fit enough.

Each of these three routines provide enough befits when it comes to weight loss. In case you simply adopt one of these three forms of training, you may simply end up with a lopsided workout routine which may not be as effective.

In order to fix this problem, consider getting a weight loss program. While most of these programs do have a lot of aerobic activities, you may not have to add cardio. However, do make sure to incorporate at least two to three days of strength training along with a circuit workout in case you are short on time. At the end of a workout routine, do at least 10 to 15 minutes of stretching which will allow you to have healthier joins and flexible body.

Decreasing physical activity other than exercise

It is good to hit the gym on a daily basis. However, make sure to not to spend the entire day on your bed or couch after a workout session. If you do this, you will simply end up having the same level of caloric expenditure that you had before starting to workout. As a result of this, your workout routine will not remain effective anymore.

In order to fix this problem, consider your non-exercise activity thermogenesis, also known as NEAT. Essentially, NEAT accounts for a good percentage of the calories that are burnt on a daily basis. When you have a low NEAT, your metabolism gets slower as a result of this you do not burn enough calories throughout the day. Ultimately, you do not lose any weight at all.

In case you have a workout routine that simply exhausts you to a great level, it is time to evaluate your workout program once again. In order to do this, make sure that you have included several short high-intensity workouts rather than lengthier ones. This will allow you to be able to recuperate and recover with ease. To make this possible, you may also include some recovery days in between your weekly workout routine.
The best way to make the most out of your workout routine is to get some professional advice from a trainer, nutritionist, a physical therapist, or a doctor (in case you have physical limitations). [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]