15 Ways To Boost Your Health

The world has had some significant changes over the last century. There have been a number of advances in the field of sanitation, technology, and medicinal procedures that can save several lives. It looks like the technological advancement has indeed been a blessing. However, there are a number of aspects such as the development of the society which as accelerated due to technology, which can be more or a less a curse. This is because there has been a rise in autoimmune diseases that are chronic in nature, and have caused millions of people to suffer all over the world.
One of the prime causes of such diseases are the toxins that have significantly increased after the industrial revolution. These toxins were previously aliens to us, and were hence never seen in history. These toxins can harm the thyroid and the hormone levels in one’s body which may further lead to various types of diseases.

For instance, we can say for sure that diseases such as heart problems and diabetes can be a direct result of the interference in the body functions that arise from toxins.

While harmful substances like these are present all over us, they are not the only threat to us. In fact, there are plenty of real life unhealthy habits that are no less than toxins for us.

In this article, we aim to discuss several ways in which one can completely revamp his or her health.

1. Eat organic food

The term organic simply refers to the growing and processing of the agricultural products in a particular way. For instance, the organic food is primarily grown via the use of natural fertilizers. Moreover, they are not sprayed with herbicides and pesticides that may be detrimental for one’s health.

As a result of this, doctors all over the world recommend people to make use of organic food which includes meat, milk, eggs, vegetables, and fruits, all obtained in an organic way.

As far as the organic meat, eggs, and dairy products are concerned, the livestock from which these products are obtained are fed organic feed all their life. Moreover, they have access to the outdoors which allows them to dwell in their natural habitat.
In case organic food is not available to you, make sure to thoroughly wash the vegetables and fruits in order to ensure that no remains of pesticides/herbicides remain on them.

2. Use non-toxic cleaners

Did you know that the conventional dish washing soaps and detergents that are used on fabrics tend to have several harmful chemicals that can lead to diseases such as cancer along with several autoimmune disorders? Well, now you do!

So when you are looking for products to wash your dishes or clothes, look for products that are labelled as non-toxic. Mostly, these happen to be plant based derivatives. There are a number of non-profit organizations working on spreading awareness regarding this issue.

It is quite surprising that something as trivial as washing a dish with toxic cleaner could be introducing toxins in your body, hence being the reason for your health issues.

3. Get some fresh air.

Most of the air fresheners in the market are not non-toxic either. Rather, they may contain a number of toxic chemicals that are introduced to the air that we breathe in. Same is the case with candles.

Apart from that, mosquito repellent coils are also considered to be quite harmful as it releases several toxic fumes into the air. So make sure to cut off on all of these products.

Instead, consider getting natural fragrances and natural air-fresheners that are derived from plants. These organic fragrances are much safer and healthier to breathe in as compared to traditional air-freshening sprays.

4. Bring some nature inside.

One of the best ways to clean the air inside your house, and to oxidize the environment in your room is to include some fresh household plants especially near the window. This is because they may be able to gather adequate amount of sunlight via the window during the day.
Having green plants inside the house does not only induce a soothing and calming effect, but is also a great way to detoxify the air that we breathe in.

5. Get a partner for accountability

Many people do not acknowledge the fact that mental health is just as important as physical health. Nowadays, we tend to live a very stressful lifestyle. Often at times, we do not remain accountable for our goals which simply results in a lot of regrets later on.

With so much stress at hand, it is quite easy to give up on the little tasks of everyday life that all later add up into a big loss of both time and opportunities.

In order to prevent this from happening, get an accountability partner. An accountability partner could be a close friend, or a family members. Primarily, he/she will be the one to keep a track of all your goals helping you in staying accountable. This is especially important in case you naturally tend to live a carefree lifestyle.

For this, you will need someone whom you can rely on. The prime duty of this person would be to constantly keep a track of your progress and to ask you questions regarding it. In fact, he/she may be the one to accomplish the goals right along with you.

6. Get surrounded with inspiration

None of us can ever grow in life and really succeed without having an inspiration to follow. While it is easy to get inspired from someone who is successful in your line of work, that feeling simply may waive off later. It is a feeling that is not very easily sustained.

However, if you are surrounded be people who are motivated, exemplary, and distinct in the type of work you do, you will have a constant source of inspiration around you.

This is why it is important to be around people who motivate you and are an example of success themselves. These can be your mentors, your peers, your co-workers, or your friends who carry on pushing you to achieve bigger and better by setting up various examples for you. This is one of the best ways to stay excited and to have the energy that is required to continue on the road to success. For instance, Oprah Winfrey once quoted that you should get surrounded with only those people who life you higher.

Getting surrounded by inspiration is more or less similar to the positive visualization technique.

7. Strive for natural beauty

The human skin is considered to to be the biggest organ of the body, even though it is not an organ in technical terms. Nevertheless, you ge the idea. The human skin is what is visible to the outside world, for the most part. Moreover, the human skin is also a direct reflection of what you think, and what you eat.

For instance, in case you are stressed out for a longer period of time, it will show up on your face. In case you are dehydrated, your face will show it. Similarly, in case you are sleep-deprived, the effects will be very evident on your face.

So take good care of your skin. And the first step to good skin is to avoid the use of toxic chemical filled shampoos, makeup products, and soaps. As a general rule, in case you cannot eat what is on your skin, do not apply it. While this is not a strict rule, it provides you a good idea of what should go on your face and what should not.

Essentially, try to use herbal and organic plant based face-wash, shampoos, and makeup products rather than using the ones that include chemicals. This is because the human skin absorbs toxins. So strive for natural beauty.

8. Make use of natural sunscreens.

Do you know that the human skin is extremely absorptive? It absorbs whatever lands on it. So simply imagine the rate with which a human skin will absorb the sunscreen especially on a hot summer day when there is a lot of sweating and reapplication of the sunscreen involved? It has been estimated that around 85% of the sunscreen products in the market contain several harmful chemicals.

Apart from that, it is also quite ironic that in an attempt to save one’s skin from the harmful sun rays, we simply expose it to the harmful chemicals that are present in the sunscreen. So either way, the skin suffers.

Instead, make use of sunscreens that are safe for use and are essentially derived from plants. Herbal sunscreens are a good options, and there are plenty of startups that sell safe products like these for the skin.

9. Drink plenty of clean water.

According to one study, there are more than 300 pollutants that are found in the tap water in the United States. As a result of this, you simply cannot fill a glass with water from the tap and drink it. This is because it will introduce a big number of toxins in your body that are ultimately going to make you sick.

So in order to avoid this, make sure that you are use ping a good quality water filtering system in the house so that at least the majority of the harmful toxins can get removed from the water.
The safest method of drinking water is to filter it out of an efficiently functioning water filter system, and then boil it before drinking.
Now, to add more, you should be drinking plenty of water. Doctors recommend at least 8-10 glasses of water per day. After all, 70% of the human body is made up of water.

There are plenty of benefits of drinking plenty of clean water. The biggest benefit is that it allows you to flush the toxins out of the body via urination and sweating. This prevents kidney stones from forming in the kidneys and also prevents several infections of the urinary tract. Moreover, this will in turn, improve your skin complexion by preventing dehydration and dryness of the skin.

10. Reduce your use of microwave

It is a well-established fact that Microwaves reduce the nutritional content of the food up to a significant level. According to one study, it was found that when broccoli is cooked in a microwave, it lost around 97% of the antioxidant qualities that it had. On the other hand, the broccoli that was steamed only lost around 11% of the antioxidants while retained most of its nutritional content. Similarly, other studies have shown that garlic and ginger also happens to lose several beneficial qualities after a round in the microwave oven.

11. Get rid of the Teflon cookware.

According to one study, it has been found out that Teflon includes a chemical compound that could enter the human body via food that is cooked in Teflon cookware. This chemical compound is quite difficult to be eliminated. So instead of Teflon cookware, try using non-toxic ceramic cookware or iron cookware.

12. Cook using healthy oils.

The oils used in cooking happen to have a tolerance for heat which is referred to as the smoking point. Among this point, the oils can become toxic. So using cooking oils that become toxic and oxidize at lower temperatures can prove to be harmful for your health. In this regard, one of the best cooking options for oils is the coconut oil. Similarly, what many people refer to as Ghee (clarified butter) is yet another healthy choice.

Always pay close attention to the smoking point of the oil you decide to cook with. The last thing you want to do is consume a load some carcinogenic in the name of good oil due to oxidization.

13. Sweat a little more.

Sweating is considered to be the best way to get rid of toxins from your body. There are a number of ways to sweat, that include cardiovascular exercise, hot yoga, and infrared sauna. These are some wonderful ways to sweat it all out.

In general, cardiovascular exercise is recommended to everyone as it not only helps sweating the toxins out, but also improves one’s cardiovascular health and breathing. As a result of this, the body can stay fit and look healthier.

14. Eat more fermented foods

Not only are fermented foods a great source of probiotics which is great for digestion and gut health, fermented foods help boost your immune system. Good bacteria found in foods like yogurt, sauerkraut, kimichi, and kefir have been proven to help regulate turbo charge our immune systems. Researchers have found fermented foods to be help people with cancer, allergies, stomach disorders, and heart disease.

15. Skip a meal here and there

Skipping a few meals now and then may not be bad for you after all. Contrary to popular belief that breaking your meals into small portions and consuming them throughout the day is healthy, doing the opposite by giving your body a rest from food has surprisingly been proven to be healthy and effective in controlling blood sugar. Diets involving fasting such as intermittent fasting (IF) have risen in popularity due to its effectiveness in managing weight and helping those who suffer from diabetes II.

The popular notion that breakfast is the most important meal of the day has been debunked by many recent studies that have focused on the effects of fasting and time based food consumption.