10 Latest Yoga and Meditation Techniques to Keep You Healthy

Unfortunately, nature has exposed us to an unprecedented and unexpected pandemic from the cornavirus (COVID-19). With so many people stranded in their homes as a result of social distancing, people are looking to improvise their ability to remain active and healthy. After all, health is even a hotter issue than ever as there has never been a better time where we need to be fit in order to have our immune system ready to fight off any uncertainty. More people are now understanding the significance and health benefits of yoga and are looking for the latest exercise techniques to enhance their flexibility, stamina, balance, and concentration. The new era of the 21st century has added immense innovation in yoga and meditation techniques and made them more suitable for current requirements.

Latest yoga techniques and new meditation exercises are a perfect blend of ancient heritage and other latest exercises to keep you healthy. Addition of aerobics, stretching and balancing resulted in the latest exercise techniques to keep you healthy.

Historical background:

“Yoga” took its origin from Sanskrit word, “Yuj” which means “to unite” or “to join”. Its history dates back to 2700 B.C. as a cultural remnant of Saraswati Valley of Indus civilization (click here for a detailed history of Yoga). Despite its ancient history, scientists are amazed by its benefits and are striving to introduce the latest Yoga techniques and latest exercises to keep you healthy.

These Latest exercises keep you healthy:

The purpose of yoga and meditation is not merely to achieve mental peace, it affects the whole of your body from head to toe. According to a report of the National Institute of Health (NIH), around 9.5% Americans practice latest yoga techniques for tremendous physical and mental benefits.

The latest yoga exercises keep you healthy by increasing strength and flexibility, relaxing the body, lowering blood pressure and toning the body muscles. The latest yoga techniques have shown excellent results in boosting mental as well as heart health. Meditation increases the grey matter of the brain and also improves the mood while yoga increases the GABA production in the brain and improves cardiovascular health by lowering heart rate and blood pressure.

The practice of latest yoga exercises keep the human body healthy by reducing stress, controlling anxiety, promoting emotional health, enhancing self- awareness, increasing attention duration, reducing age-related memory loss, fighting addictions, improving sleep hours, controlling pains and by stimulating brain powers and functioning.

The addition of the latest yoga techniques no doubt has added to its importance but the basic questions are; how to do Yoga effectively? And what are the latest exercises to keep you healthy?

Here are some latest Yoga techniques to keep you healthy:

Yoga is a diverse technique which can merge various mechanics and provides with a wide room for innovation. It can beautifully blend different forms like aerobics, stretching, and balancing to create the latest exercises to keep you healthy and active. If you are an admirer of Yoga and are looking for some health tips for 2019, here are some latest yoga techniques to keep you healthy in the year of 2019:

Baby Grasshopper:

It is the latest yoga technique requiring a focus on one hand and one leg and helps direct your power through a focused channel. Click here to see how to do yoga in baby grasshopper pose correctly.

Flying Lizard:

The best yoga exercise for arm strength and balance. In this pose snug your shoulder on the front legs and extend your leg all the way to the back like a scorpion tail. To see how to do yoga in flying lizard style click here.

Hollow Back:

Though a bit difficult, this latest yoga technique adds immense balance and composure to your body in which you lay your forearms on the ground and sway your body over your head with a deep thoracic back-bend. Click here to figure out how to do yoga in hollow back style.

Reverse Warrior:

Reverse warrior is the best yoga exercise to boost your respiratory muscles. Open your legs wide and stretch your one arm over your head with your body leaning to the other side along with the arm. Click here to see how to do yoga reverse warrior style perfectly.

Mermaid pose:

This latest yoga technique is a new version of the old pigeon style and requires essentially assuming the posture of a mermaid. Click here to figure out how to do Yoga mermaid pose.

Goddess pose:

It is a beautiful blend of latest Yoga technique with the rich heritage of yoga. This pose requires assuming the pose of the goddess and is also beneficial in pregnancy. Click here to see how to do Yoga goddess pose.

Humble Flamingo Pose: This latest yoga technique requires a sharp balance on the fingertips and one leg, acquiring the pose of a flamingo. It is the best yoga exercise to sharpen your composure and deepen your vision. Click here to see how to do Yoga humble flamingo pose.

Camel-Frog Hybrid Pose: This latest yoga technique is a combination of half camel and half frog. It is an amazing health tip for 2019 to add stability to your body. Click here to see how to do yoga camel-frog hybrid pose.

Wild Things: Another latest yoga technique for honing your postural and balance skills. Click here for a step-wise learning of how to do Yoga Wild things pose.

Some new meditation techniques to improve your focus and health:

Meditation is around the same time as Yoga. This new era has added tremendous innovation and created numerous latest exercises to keep you healthy and make it more fun and enjoyable. For health tips in 2019, here are some new meditation techniques which will help you rejoice meditation:

Candle Gazing Meditation (Trataka)

Adding candles to the old Trataka technique and making it a brand new meditation technique is an impressive idea. It requires continuous gazing at a candle flame for a specific period of time and then switching to the other. It is excellent to improve sight, concentration and focus your mind. Click here to see the exact method.

Tarot Meditation:

It is a new meditation technique devised to divert consciousness using tarot cards and letting the rest of the mind enjoy a peaceful and vibrant journey of exploring dreams. Check the link out to see more details.

Ascension meditation:

This new meditation technique is the best technique to achieve mental peace, self-recognizance, and enlightenment. Some call it the latest exercise to keep you healthy and achieve spiritualization at the same time and others call it new meditation technique to achieve the final stage of spiritualization. For a clear idea of how to do ascension meditation click here.

Crystal meditation:

Reviving the true spirit of ancient meditation in the latest exercise to keep you healthy and spiritual by adding crystals to meditation has been quite popular. You can choose your crystal you feel peaceful with and all you need to do is focus and let your positive energy circulate in your body.

These latest exercises keep you healthy:

If you are looking for health tips in 2019 and your aim is a healthy body and a calm mind, these latest yoga and meditation techniques are your best bet. In past yoga and meditation were taken as modes of spiritual energy and peaceful soul but the new era has innovated these techniques with aerobics and balancing. Here are some benefits of these latest Yoga and meditation techniques:

● Latest yoga techniques add flexibility to your joints and make muscles, tendons, and ligaments more elastic and flexible.
● These latest Yoga techniques increase lubrication of joints and enhance their life.
● Latest Yoga techniques effectively massage all the organs of the body and protect them against diseases.
● A golden health tip for 2019 is the utilization of the latest yoga techniques to tone flaccid muscles.
● Several studies have proved the addition of aerobics in the latest exercises keeps you healthy and enhances the breathing ability. This, in turn, protects you against several diseases.


A long time ago, meditation was first developed in India and today, yoga and meditation are becoming popular in all parts of the world because of their magical effects. People use the latest yoga and meditation techniques to develop healthy habits and feelings like self-discipline, increased pain tolerance, healthy sleep patterns, and a positive mental approach. Latest yoga exercises and meditation techniques relax the body and focus the mind on a single point.

Latest yoga techniques are better than the old one because ancient yogis used to mediate in a complex seated posture but latest yoga exercises keep you healthy as they don’t involve the mobility of hips and keep the hips a bit higher than the knees. Therefore, Latest yoga techniques keep the body relaxed and comfortable while keeping the spine long.

The latest yoga exercises keep you healthy because of their countless health benefits including improved heart and mental health, better immune system, resistance against various diseases and an increased feeling of well-being etc.

Consistency with the practice of the latest yoga exercises for better health is mandatory, therefore, a person must try meditation of at least 5 to 10 minutes daily either in morning or evening. One must also include the latest yoga exercises in a regular exercise regime. By trying any one of the yoga and meditation or even both at a time, one can see the positive changes in the body, health, and mood within a few days.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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