Newtion Training Mask

  • Material - 78
  • Durability - 92
  • Comfort - 99
  • Style - 85


Reebok offers the best workout leggings. These women’s high waist Capri workout leggings will power your workouts like never before.



  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Suitable for most exercises


  • Limited color choices

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24 Breathing Resistance Levels Fitness Mask Workout Mask,Training in High Altitude Mask Gym Mask for Cardio, Fitness, Running, HIIT Training

• Resistance Mask – The gold training mask is designed to offer you 24 resistance levels. A high-performance grade black neoprene sleeve, a head strap, and an instruction booklet to help you get started.

• Cardio Endurance – If you are looking to take your workout session to the next level, then you need a workout breathing resistance mask that helps push your way onto the next level. Additionally, it helps you increase your stamina, improve endurance, defeat fatigue, and even ensure a super speedy post-workout recovery.

• Quality Materials – Crafted carefully using quality materials, the gold training mask is here to offer you the challenge you need. To ensure your health is not compromised along the way, we take on safe and reliable materials, and double test each mask before sending it out.

• One Size – Available in one size that fits all adults, making sure its velcro, and over the ear setting makes it fit perfectly in place. Designed for men and women, offering them the added ammo they need to take their workout routines to the next level. Making it a great choice for professional and dedicated athletes looking for an edge over their competitors.

• Training Boost – The workout breathing resistance mask is designed for athletes who are looking for a way to take their training sessions to a whole new level. Adding a layer of resistance mask on your face makes it harder to breathe, which in return allows you to develop better breathing.

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