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Best Cross Training Shoes

When choosing athletic footwear, most people are confused about what to buy for what sports and seem to think most shoes will be suited to a wide variety of cases. This is however not the case as different types of athletic footwear have very different characteristics and purpose.


A Fitness Journey

Fitness and weight loss is a journey that many start but only a few get to maintain; not only because it can be hard, but also because we are not often exposed to the right information or the right people, and we make mistakes that rob us of the benefits of the process and eventually the willingness to continue. If you find yourself at this point, what you are missing is a gym with structure and effective support system (what I got at CrossFit).


Pork Loin Chops With Bean Cassoulet

This meal is packed full of protein from both the succulent pork loin chops with an extra boost from the cannellini beans! Most people consider plant based protein sources such as beans a little dull and boring…. We guarantee you this is not the case with this recipe! This bean cassoulet is so tasty and delicious, it is sure to impress! Plant based protein such as cannellini bean are also a powerhouse of nutrition. They are a great source of vitamins, minerals and particularly fiber which is essential for good digestion.