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CrossFit vs Cross Training – A Definitive Guide For New Trainees

If there’s one training system that’s burned its name into the collective imagination of fitness enthusiasts everywhere, it’s CrossFit. Love it or hate it, you can’t deny that, over the last two decades, it’s had an absolutely ENORMOUS impact on the fitness landscape.


Starting Stretching

Stretching may be the most demanding form of fitness but the fact still remains that it is a very imperative thing in your workout ambitions. What this means is that you have to incorporate some types of stretching in your workout.


Crossfit Essentials – 10 Must Have Workout Gears

The typical training session throughout gyms and health clubs all around the world typically consists of isolation movements combined with extended aerobic sessions. It seems that entire fitness community managed to convince public that curls, lateral raises, leg extensions, sit-ups and other popular exercises glued together with a 20-40 minute aerobic workout on a stationary bike or a treadmill are the way to get the super-hero body.